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Generator extension cords - Same issue, different cord, same week


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Mar 3, 2019
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John Cartegna
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My theory is there must be moisture getting in the plug causing a problem.

For the second time in a week, 1 of the 4 cords coming out of the generator was out. (signal light not working and no power)

After the first incident, I started keeping a backup cord in the trailer (no sense having to always borrow the CRB cord). Good thing because I needed it today.

Funny thing though is that when I got home after the first incident the problem cord worked fine. (leads to my moisture theory) In fact, yesterdays problem cord was todays hero cord.

And, I suspect that will be the case when I test the new problem cord tomorrow and then place that one in in the trailer as a spare.

The only other time this happened was last Halloween a stormy rainy night cleaning carpet. I strongly believed that night was due to moisture from rain water shutting down the GFCI on the generator.

Feeling crazy,
What else could it be?

keep it clean

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Dec 3, 2012
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check it all over. Check your grounds. If need be clean up the grounds with wire brush. Gfci's can be finicky. But sounds like moisture as you said. Which is why i say check all your connections to and from outlets for corrosion. And keep track if it is the same outlet or is it random. Also you can check your cords for breaks. Fold them While in use to see if theres a short or break inside. Just plug in an incandescent light while you do it. Light will flicker or cut out if cord has a break.