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Generator? Cable splitters??


Nov 4, 2020
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Matthew Olive
You can get a Predator Generator for around $600. I run my water hog/air hog from the van. The heater you can run inside the house.

It looks like you can put the machines on a shelf above the generator. Then put some diamond plate on it to at least appear to be a truckmount.
Is it the Predator 3500 Watt Inverter? The really quiet one?


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Aug 8, 2019
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Matt Anderson
I did my first job today(3 br, game room, hallway, and stairs) using the MYTEE Flood Hog Bundle(Water Hog/Flood Hog) and Heater. I pulled everything out of the van and carried upstairs of the home. It took longer than expected mainly form refilling and power tripping. From my research at 100ft-150ft the flood hog has as much suction as a truck mount? I also understand that I can connect water hog to faucet or a water hose to faucet( need help finding adapters) without over flowing. At this point I figure I can use my equipment just like a truck mount by using a generator and split power cords. Which will save time and my back? Welcoming any advice and suggestions. Thanks!!!

I am considering what sounds like the exact same set up. How is it going do you like it? Or would you do something different?