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General marble questions


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May 7, 2015
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Christopher reyes
Have you ever restored a small marble bathroom floor? Is it a pain in the ass like I think it is? Do you ponder between bringing in your floor machine or just using your hand machine? Should I bring in my small wet Vac or just extract with clean water and lots of small fiber rags?

These are thoughts that come across my head

Also, is it possible to do a marble job with out picture framing? Does anyone just start with an acid wash and just go from there? If so what grit does a acid wash leave it at and what grit would you start with? Do you do every corner and up to each door by hand or do you feather? Do you ever run into a situation where the floor looks inconsistent? What are the best types of resins for marble? I know the specs can get kind of technical.

I want to start using wet to dry paste to polish for quicker and easier exit clean ups. Does anyone else prefer that?

Any way, just thought I'd ask a few questions. Maybe others wondering the same or looking for clarification.


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Sep 28, 2014
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Peter Dymond
Depends on how bad the floor is.
I find DIP pads work great on tiles with lippage.
Use a hand polisher.
You can also use powder with a hogshair pad.
It's not very hard.
If it's real small then yes, I would just use some microfiber towels and a rinse bucket.
If its badly scratched and needs to be honed then charge accordingly.
Use resin pads on hand polisher.
This usually butts up close to replacement cost for a small bathroom.
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