garage floor cleaning question


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Sep 1, 2009
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Paul Ottensmann
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so im a carpet cleaner and a good customer of mine is an older gentleman that has an old epoxy floor in his garage. It has a couple areas that have peeled. Usually he takes a broom and brushes a cleaner on it and rinses it off each year. (it has two floor drains) he hasnt done it in a couple years and it shows. His house is immaculate. So I offered to clean it for him.

It would be quick and easy to do. Its not oily soils just regular dirt and with floor drains so just apply cleaning agent, CRB and power wash into floor drain.

Only question is would you recommend brown brushes on the Brush Pro or blue brushes. Im a bit leary of using the brown stiff brushes because its an older coating especially with the couple of areas that have peeled off