Fun ride the other night...

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Sep 28, 2016
Missoula, MT
Real Name
Robert Phillips
On a patch of black ice. Went 100 yards swerving across all 5 lanes of hwy trying to keep it straight and on the road before the trailer jackknifed and spun me around, went off the road and into a snowbank and took out a light pole, I don't have any pics because we still can't find my phone. Officer that took report is supposed to send some to me. I'm fine, no injuries. Trailer has a bent rim (good thing for spare tires) bent the hitch and a lot of dents (light pole ended up on top of the trailer). Truck lost 2 rear windows, light pole dented up my cargo rack, dent in the side from the trailer but not bad, will be easy to fix. Rear tire is wobbly, its in the shop getting checked out.
3 Sheriff's Deputies had all nearly ended up off the road just 20 minutes before me hitting that same spot of ice. The HWY Patrol officer who came to take my report slid a little and said he probably would have gone off the road if they hadn't warned him about that spot so he was watching for it and the ambulance slid on it too. The roads have been so nice the last few days that by the time everything was done we were calling it the only patch of ice in Montana.