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Dec 29, 2009
I can see what Joel is wanting. Dual cleaning modes, one person is cleaning the carpet in the house, while another is upholstery. I have never done this, so, do you set at 600psi, knowing that upholstery needs 200psi? My Boxxer 427 had two pressure outlets, but never used the second. What psi would you set for carpet cleaning, while setting another for upholstery, if using this method? I know Drimaster and others use a little knob at the tool to dial it in, but what PSI do you set for both?

Jeff Ellis 1

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Dec 25, 2009

800 PSI Jetside By-Pass Upholstery Tool:

• Jet Side by-pass controls the pressure that comes out of the jet, by-passing the excess pressure into the vacuum chamber
• Needle valve allows adjustment
• High pressure brass 800psi valve
• All stainless steel construction
• Thumb slide vacuum release
• Black vinyl grip on handle for protection from high heat
• Ball valve on end of 1' whip for even more control

Oxley could give us a good answer here, so hopefully he will pop in soon.

I think you could run 2 regulators, but without knowing what kind of pump you have, I would be concerned about the volume. Seems that if you fed both regualtors enough volume (GPM) you could pull this off. I would think you would have to come out of your pump with a 1/2" line, or it might be better to run each circuit off its own pump outlet since pumps have 2 outlet ports. You would also have to make sure the inlet hose is big and able to suply the pump with enough water.

The tricky part I would think would be how to plumb both circuits into your heat exchanger.....I don't think it would even be possible to do this.

The big questions I have is; what is the GPM of your pump and what are the specs of the pressure regualtors you want to use?


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Mar 26, 2008
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How so? Its not a continuous bypass but only when you open your valve to spray. A lot of people like it. Personally ive never tried it but I dont think id have any problem at all with it.

The only reason I do uphulstery is because I bout a drimaster. I was just referring to your picture not your idea.
May 6, 2008
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It can be done.

Put a "Y" on the pressure out from the one currently on your system. One leg continues on as usual. The other one would be connected to the new regulator and from there, to the wand. (So it would be cold water.)

Or, if you don't run too hot normally, find a regulator that can handle heat (some do... up to 200 degrees, but more commonly, 180...) and do the same thing on the outlet from your heat source.

Plumb the bypass of the regulator back to the same source the other bypass leads to. (You may need a "T" or Wye there...)

You will notice a larger pressure drop than before when both tools are in use, BTW. And the combined flow rate will need to be less than the maximum of the pump...