For Sale: 2020 Ram ProMaster Van+ Everest 870hp Truckmount Equipment


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Jun 8, 2021
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Cris Voicu
For sale: Carpet Cleaning Van + Truckmount Equipment
About Equipment: Truckmount everest 870hp
-Machine is everest 870hp with 232 hours ONLY and well maintained. Like new.
-Waste tank 120 gal.
-Fresh water container hydrowell 100 gal with a transfer pump. additional valve and hose were installed to drain water from fresh water container, you don't have to run the machine to drain the water, it saves you gas and hours on the machine.
-Machine has Electronic descaler installed.
-stainless steel chemical shelves, 3 levels, holds 24 bottles of 1 gallon.
-vacuum hose reel is ELECTRIC and holds 400 ft of 2" vacuum hose.
-Solution hose reel holds 300 ft of 1/4" solution hose (manual, not electric).
-garden hose reel, holds 150 ft of 1/2" garden hose (manual, not electric).
**All reels are elevated from the floor so you can use this space to store equipment under it.

Equipment included:
6 jets Prochem TITANIUM WAND.
Stair tool wand
150 ft of 2" vacuum hose
150 ft of 1/4" solution hose
100 ft of 1/2" heavy duty garden hose
Hydro force injection sprayer.
Corner guards
Additional fittings

About the Van
-Van is 2020 ram promaster 2500 high roof with 159" WB. Like new.
-Van has bulkhead divider between the front and the back.
It helps keeping the heat in the back away from the front seats.
- bedliner Rhino waterproof on the floor in the back.
- In the front there are 3 SEATS (driver seat and 2 additional passengers seats)
- Van has ONLY 8,300 miles. Very clean and well maintained.
- Backup camera, cold AC and folding side mirrors.
- Vehicle registered in texas . Registration is good until December 2021.
- Clean title on hand.

I bought the equipment and van last year in February 2020 and its all been paid off and selling because I can no longer do carpet cleaning and physical work due to health issues.

This van is a complete set up for carpet cleaning business. Its ready to work. I'm asking for $75,000 for everything out the door. Please serious buyers only.
I'm not interested in any trades. Please see all attached photos and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Please Call or text Chris at 619-302-3760


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