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First time carpet cleaning.

Mama Fen

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Jul 18, 2012
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Calm down Oxi, me cleaning 300sq ft of carpet probably 1000 miles away from you isn't going to effect your bottomline. lol The whole place is 7K of VCT, minus the waiting room, which is maybe 300 sq ft of carpet.

If you got an account maintaining/cleaning 7K sq ft of carpet and was asked to clean a 300 sq ft VCT break room there, I wouldn't tell you to hire a professional(which would be a competitor in my area) or spend thousands on equipment for it. A reasonable person, who is on a message board, supposedly looking to increase their knowledge and help others along the way, would say, look, I personally would hire a professional, but if don't go that route, heres a cost effective way to get good results, while learning a new skill set, in case something like this comes up again.

Everyone else, thank you for the suggestions, especially Rob, if I ever start adding more carpet, who better to talk to then the guru himself and I will definitely order what you suggested for the next one.
If I am a dentist, I don't do my patient's brain surgery or tummy-tuck as an add-on just because I'd like a happier patient.

Many carpet cleaners are asked to do "some light janitorial while they're at it" and those who say Yes almost universally wind up regretting it. Give the client the opportunity to squeeze more work out of you, for less money, and they will invariably abuse that opportunity to your great detriment.

It's only fair to say that door swings both ways on jan-san and carpet cleaning overlap.

I don't think anyone here is 'threatened' by a lone jan-san company considering an occasional carpet cleaning job. I do think, though, that there are so many "part-time" or undedicated practitioners out there working on carpets that the industry as a whole suffers a darkening reputation as a result.