FB Face Book advertising... How do I do it?...

Face Book advertising... How do I do it?

Facebook uses a different method than search engine marketing (Google, Yelp, etc.). With SEO (still a very important aspect of online marketing), you are trying to match popular search terms. When a person is looking online, the type in carpet cleaning and their zip code, or city, etc. You would choose words to target, that match the words searched for.

Facebook, on the other hand uses hashtags for searching and organizing posts. Make sure you put your search words in hashtag form at the end of the post.

One of the main differences is methods is the way you target your customers. On Facebook, you'll want to tap into your niche or preferred market. For me, it's pet owners, families with children, and non English speakers. These are my passion. I speak three languages, and I love kids and animals. Makes my day a good one. One puppy kiss can turn my world around in a split second.

Target your market by typing in words that describe your customer. What they like, hobbies, things they buy, how they buy, what they have (house, rental, business, cars, motorcycles, etc.), and where they live. The better you can describe these things with less than three words, the more effective your conversion (or actual sales from the ad.)

Fewer results in this case is far better than sending out thousands of random ads and hoping someone will respond. (Mass, and direct mail advertising is still valid, and should, also be used where needed.)

The difference is that my ad will only be shown to pet owners, who live in a house, or who lease their property. (Property owners) My ad will have a meme of a sad puppy on an area rug, looking at the camera. I will post no more than three sentences. The meme will include the name and contact info for the company, and I will activate the "book now" call to action on the post.

In those three sentences, I will ask for people to tell me a story about their pet. Or some question that will entice viewers to share their own experiences.

Finally, I will tell them to like and share the post for a chance to win ScotchGard in every room. (Always use add ons as discounts, or coupons. Your main service should remain full price. This cuts down on actual losses.)

Be sure to respond to every comment to let them know you are listening to them. Like their comments, and respond with your own stories. This enables an emotional connect with the customers.

Run a $5 test ad for 24 hours. Look at the results. If it got a bunch of responses, awesome! Put a $100 bill behind it, and let it run. If it didn't do so well, that's ok. It was only $5. Look over the whole ad, and all the settings. See if there is any way you can re work the ad to appeal to your customers. Change it, and try another $5 run for 24 hours. Soon, you will have an effective as, and a growing Facebook market.