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Experienced Carpet Lead Tech needed


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Jun 21, 2019
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Joe Murcia

We’re a privately owned nationwide commercial cleaning company in the DFW area (Dallas FT.Worth). In business 20 years this next November. The owners are very actively involved and play a role in different parts of the company. We just added a new truck to our fleet, it’s a new Chevy 3500 box truck currently getting equipped at Jon Don with all new equipment. We’re looking to hire someone to manage this truck and it’s scheduled services. Some duties include keeping up with truck maintenance and keeping truck organized, fulfilling scheduled carpet services etc..we are also looking for a 2nd tech to assist with the work/driving/etc:. If interested call 469-733-1710 and speak to Derek or leave your information for a call back.

Johnny Bravo

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Apr 25, 2011
San Pedro, Ca
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John Sheridan
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