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Excellent Mytee Customer Support


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Nov 29, 2015
South Carolina
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Just want to share the experience I had today with John LaBarbera and Lisa Cave with Mytee. My Bentley wand needed a splashguard (broke one off on a door frame). So I looked online and they were only a buck a piece, so I put 3 sets (left and right) in my cart and holy smokes - 6 dollars in parts but 21 dollars in shipping!

I sent John a screenshot of my cart and the shipping charges, and he said he would take care of it, that it was ridiculous. I expected he'd get me a price on just putting some in an envelope and going via USPS. I even told him I only needed one but was going to get some spares since they were only a dollar.

Boom, just got an email from Lisa that they are sending 3 sets at no charge!
Now I know sometimes Mytee gets some slack for their affordability vs durability but this is excellent customer service and response time.


By the way - any of you seen the new Bentley wand with the 2 vac slots? Web site says coming soon! Looks good - I wonder if they'll let you buy just the head to upgrade a standard Bentley https://www.mytee.com/products/8314p-bentley-plus-carpet-cleaning-wand/
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Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Customer service has always been a strong point for Mytee. John is a great guy with some very good people working for him.
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Jimmy L

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Apr 16, 2012
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I was looking at them this spring but when I checked their website they were taken off, Two versions a wand and the other more like a zipper. So I called mytee and talked to a lady and she "checked" after a few minutes came back and said they had nothing like that. Either she is a LIAR or she just doesn't know the product line or didn't want to look.
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