Excellent condition Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Generator & Drieaz Sahara Fan


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Aug 6, 2019
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Excellent condition Odorox® Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Generator and Dri-eaz Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer Air Mover
The Odorox® Boss XL3™ is The right choice for large area odor control resulting from fires, flooding, sewer backup contamination, Musty mold odors, toxic odors and chemical spills. This unit is designed for use with air mover (Dri-eaz Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer Air Mover is included).

$2,000.00 shipped in 2 separate boxes (1 for hydroxyl, 1 for air mover)

The Boss XL3™ will provide a heavy concentration of Odorox® hydroxyls to treat large areas affected by fire and smoke, flood, nicotine, grey/black water, decomposition, mold, sewage, chemical spills/off gassing and any other odor problem you may encounter. This unit allows you to decontaminate and deodorize while you dry because it joins directly to your existing air movers. The Boss XL3™ is equipped with a selector switch for 2 or 3 Odorox® hydroxyl generating optics and operates using only 1.6 Amps.

This machine provide what Mother Nature offers of hydroxyl molecules to cleanse and decontaminate our outdoors environment. However, hydroxyls do not occur indoors, so the manufacturer developed a patented process, through years of field testing, and created a solution that mimics Mother Nature by generating molecules that naturally "seek and destroy" odour molecules, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other chemicals. Hydroxyl radicals actually neutralize odor molecules and gasses by breaking down their chemical bonds. This can be done with even some of the most difficult molecules, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3). This technology is the only high volume continuous decontamination method that works on both airborne and surface contaminants. It works on difficult odors resulting from fires, floods, sewage backups, fuel spills, skunks, chemical spills, trauma scenes, nicotine, mold, etc.


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