Ever ran into peel and stick vinyl that has seams sealed?


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Apr 18, 2017
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Trace Coulter
Gave a quote 3 months ago to a health clinic to clean all exam rooms and restrooms. Pretty large job. Like 30 rooms total. I test cleaned 1 square In a restroom. There was just some dirt in the cracks, came out instantly with a brush, some cleaner, and damp rag.

I go to do the job today and most rooms are not cleaning up well at all. Took my pocket knife and realized that the majority of them have a type of caulk in between the seams, and the dirt or whatever is UNDERNEATH the caulk. I stopped and told a manager that I'm going to be here for literally days if I try to get it all off, and I probably can't get it all off. Suggested we call the job off since I did not see this on thr area I test cleaned.

Anyone seen this before? I had no idea that people would need to seal the seams of glue down tiles.


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