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Equipment tracking software?

The Water Boy

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Jan 14, 2019
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Chad Jones
Hey everyone, I've recently started working with a water restoration company that is expanding and beginning to implement some new business practices.

As such they've asked me to help them track their equipment. Between Dehumidifiers and air movers we have about 400 pieces in total.

I've done some research and have found that what I need is more of an assest management system rather than inventory but have looked at many different programs and haven't found anything suitable.

Most of the programs that I've seen are a bit too robust on the accounting side of assets and lacking in the day to day side of keeping track where equipment is moved to.

I've purchased some very nice high quality metal barcodes as well and would like a system that does the following;

Bar code scan of equipment

Assign equipment from one of our two storage areas to new jobs.

*Preferably capture a GPS location when the scans are made, seems like I'm asking a bit much here but most photographs taken on cell phones currently include this information

*Have different tiers of access, some products I've seen will only allow an admin to add/remove equipment from inventory. Others I've seen make it so that a simple misclick while moving equipment could delete it from inventory

Also, not sure if anyone here has used anything like the Milwaukee ticks which are only Bluetooth but could help in identifying which pieces of equipment are taken and at what time so that I could line it up with the job.

Any recommendations and above would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Feb 7, 2017
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Quentin Tebb

The company I work for, we oddly just use google sheets. Our techs just add what EQ they installed, and how much per visit. when the dry out is complete and all the EQ is removed, they just zero it on the sheets. Being real time, we in the office can monitor the job and ensure it comes out, we have it programmed that turns it red if no visit has been done on it, or it reaches 4 days.

We have tried a few apps but found none of them really performed to what we found we needed in the restoration field. Most of the apps are tailored to construction firms keeping track of where their tools are. We found that trying to do bar codes and scanning, just added to many issues to the process when EQ moves between vans, jobs, units etc.

The above option I like simply because it is free and easy to do, and people can easily use google sheets on any phone.

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
There is a product with software called Invisi-Tag that uses RFID tags on each item of equipment to track when it leaves and returns to your shop, when it leaves and is return to your van or truck and so forth. You know where every item is, how long it was there and what to charge for it.

It did take some work to set up all the tags on every piece of equipment and enter that into the program. But once set-up, was pretty quick and easy to use.

This was carried by Interlink Supply for a while, but it was not a great seller, mostly due to the cost. Interlink still has some available from their restoration sales people available at cost.