Engine swap


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Apr 27, 2021
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Chris Taffy
Hello truck mount forum I’m new to the truck mounts getting rid of portables and just bought a used 2010 Chevy express with the hole setup except the motor was bad with the truck mount.

but was a good deal came with hoses, wands, and a nice rotovac. Already have the exact same motor just got a good deal on eBay exact same engine and year it’s a 2011 boxer 323. Took the hydramster front plate off that took 2 hours alone and just seeing if there is anything I should be cautious with while doing the swap. Are there any special tools needed? It just looked pretty cut and dry the only thing that I’m not sure is the coupler I know when I did my wave runner its a similar concept and the engine had to be shimmed perfectly. If anyone has done this before there is not too much info on the net for this job, I would take it to a shop but I already got quoted an astronomical amount and spent all my money on the truck hahaha.