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Jun 22, 2017
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Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages With 143 Water Lift & with 190 CFM

What is your experience using it or what is your thoughts about it?

How effective is the 360i when operating it with the Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages?

Is it a low maintenance? Does it have issues often?

Do you guys think that worth while add auto refill and auto dump when im mostly working in residential:houses and apartments mostly?

How is the suction power for this model in compare to other extractors?

Thanks everyone!


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Feb 16, 2009
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Looks like it's got decent spec's.

I would like to see it's guts though, especially to see what pump/motor it's running.

I have never been a fan of how Rotovac packages their rotary extractors with portable units and markets then markets the packages to inexperienced newbies.

I think it simply lessens the chance of success for the vast majority of entry level users.

No newbie should start out with a RE with a portable unit.

Focus on learning to use a wand, and that does not mean the likely shit wand included in the package.

If your set on going with RV, get a nice wand from another source, put the 360 on the side until you become efficient with a wand and cleaning in general, and become more familiar with your equipment and with using it.

There is enough to learn in the beginning as it is already.

Unfamiliar equipment.
Unfamiliar process.
Unfamiliar problems.

Throwing a RE into the mix at this early stage will just over-complicate everything, and likely prolong the entire learning process.

Baby steps.