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End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Mar 28, 2020
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Here are my End of Tenancy Tips:

1st, Plan your End Of Tenancy Cleaning Early

Moving out of a property takes a lot of preparation, including the cleaning process. It can be a more stressful experience when you don’t start early enough.

2- Create an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

3- Determine tasks that you can complete by yourself and the ones you can’t.

4- Clean one area at a time:

-Bathroom: (Clean Tub and shower, Toilet, Sink, Mirrors, Drain, Floor)

-Kitchen (Cabinets and drawers, Oven, Stove-top, refrigerator, Sink and faucets, Counter-tops)

-Living Room (Clean units, shelves, drawers, coffee table, bookshelves, cupboards, furniture, glass, mirrors, TV stand, electronic equipment, and other decorations. Generally, you’ll need to do dusting, polishing, and vacuuming)




-Garden And Exterior

Warning: The most challenging end of tenancy cleaning tasks that see many tenants fail to meet the expected good standard are:

Carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, rug cleaning and curtain cleaning

There is a lot of more to consider, for more info you might want to read this guide

Please let me know if there are things to add.



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well that was helpful, NOT. good for your website tho which was really the point, wasnt it?
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