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Employee Benefits, Anyone use a PEO?

Dougie "fresh-clean"

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Oct 10, 2012
Memphis, Tennessee
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Hey rug suckers,

I find myself hiring again as some great part-timers are moving on and I still haven’t found a great full time tech. I wonder if I would have better retention and better applicants if I were able to offer employee benefits... looking at PEOs like JustWorks and such to attempt to afford that fancy stuff.

I have always been of the belief that it’s better to just be paid more and buy that stuff on one’s own. I use an alternative Christian healthcare cost sharing society instead of health insurance, and I do not ever intend to change that. So some big questions:

-Anyone using a PEO to offer benefits?
-Do you limit wages in order to contribute to the benefits
-Are you forced to use the health insurance you offer?
-Does any of this actually help get/retain better candidates vs straight pay?