Electric Truck Mount?

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Dec 18, 2008
Riverview Florida
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Erik Guhl
Well You said serious power , the power plant from a van or truck sounds like a good ideaor a generator .But as vacs go what a dual quad set up set of quads in parellel and a set in series with 1500 psi pump With Coils in frash tank to heat water. If at all possible that should have seriuos lift with a ton cfms for 400 ft runs ,and 7-8 grand price tag would be perfect..


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Dec 20, 2008
NY, long island/Lindenhurst
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Roman Majda
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United States
All the above; auto dump and auto fill systems instead of waste tank and fresh water tanks. It would save weight and space; or at least offer the option. it also should be 4k to 5k range. Don't worry about heat; got propane; and a new kero heater on the way.

Or you can go for my pipe dream; electric driven 59 blowers in paralell, 4000 psi electric driven pump, propane/gas heater2.5 inch plumbing.
$5k would be sweet i buy one today
I would be perfectly happy using a propane heater if it meant I'd get more vac/better psi from my electric tm. Also John I would be very interested in the 80 gallon waste tank, to replace the 50 gallon recovery tank (that has a small leak and I'm sick of having to tig weld) on my spitfire.

Jan Sullins

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Sep 17, 2008
Ok.City Oklahoma
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Jan Sullins
Hybrid vacuum system

If I were building an electric truckmount I would do something similar to Bane Clene. I would use either a 3MP vac pump or a
2LP vac pump.
I did this one time I took a 2L sutorbilt blower and direct coupled it to a 2 horsepower 3450 rpm capicitor start and capicitor run super efecient motor. At full load it only pulled 16.6 amps with a 15% service factor. It had 120 cfm at startup and of course went down as you put hose on the machine and began cleaning.
However as most of us know positive displacement vacuum pumps do not lose many cfm when under load.
I also used a 3 stage Lamb vac as a booster. It had around a 100 cfm but of course when under load it lost quite a bit of that. It used 11 amps under load. I actually used an amp probe to get these figures.

I used a 1/2 HP electric motor to drive a Hypro twin piston pump. It only used about 4-5 amps at 400 psi@1.5 gpm. I also used a Little Giant 2HT propane heater. It easily maintained very hot cleaning solution.

It to me was just better than using Lamb vacs alone. The key was to direct couple everything I could. Later Bane Clene direct coupled their vacuum pump to a 1 1/2 horsepower motor . It pulled only about 11 amps under load. They also did the same thing with their solution pump.

Jan Sullins
American Kleen Pro
ps I did not have any problems with breakers.

John LaBarbera

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Sep 13, 2008
San Diego, Ca
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John LaBarbera
Interesting post, Jan. Thanks.

I agree that a positive displacement vac blower is a superior way to go. A Roots 36 would be great if you could generate enough power. Do you think something like that would sell?


Jan Sullins

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Sep 17, 2008
Ok.City Oklahoma
Real Name
Jan Sullins
36 blower?

John, Bane tried to use a Sutorbilt 3L which of course has the same specs as a Roots 36.
It requires to much power to use it in an electric mobile situation.
Even though the 2L is smaller than a 33/3M and has less displacement(.060 vs .035 per revolution) you can under the elecrical way of things in the US can turn the 2L as fast 3560 rpm if it is direct coupled. That is double what you can turn a 3M. 1760 x .06=105 cfm vs 3560 x .035=124 cfm. I set my vacuum relief valve at as I rememer 7HG. If the vacuum level went above 7HG then the amperage requirements went above 16.6 which was the full load amperage for this particular 2 HP electric motor. The advantage of a 3M direct coupled and turning 1760 would require only a 1 1/2 hp electric motor drawing only 11-13 amps. I just prefer the 20% more cfms.

Then add a Lamb 3 stage . I built something with this vacuum configuration and it seemed like it had as much or more vacuum that most entry level gasoline truckmounts. Of course in those days most entry levels came with either a 33 or 3M. While today some entry levels come with 3Ls or 36 which have 80% more CFM.
There are a lot advantages for using positive displacement vacuum even in electric truckmounts in my opinion. If you also use a centrifigul vacuum motor with it.

Workmaster built something similar to what I had. But they used belt drive using a single 1 1/2 hp motor. They too used a 3 stage Lamb vac. If I remember correctly you could buy one with hoses and 2" wand cat pump and 3HT propane heater for less that $10,000. I think someone could build one nowdays and make money with a list price at $10,000.00 or a little less.