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Electric truck mount for in rug plant for top down cleaning.


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Dec 3, 2010
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Butler used to make an electric inplant cleaning system. I think they still offer it. If you call and talk with them, they may be able to tell you what their specs are and you can duplicate that in your system.

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Mar 6, 2007
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Having 3 -phase power is definitely a plus. You can purchase a 3-phase motor of necessary horsepower far less than the equivalent single phase electric motor.

Then you need a loop system for the pressure pump, a heat source, and a recovery tank with reliable APO so you have continuous cleaning going on.

Keep it as simple as possible for your employees.
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Aug 16, 2006
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So I have seen a few people talk about building truck mounts and I thought I would just kinda pitch this idea I had and see if any one has done something like this before or if this is just me being and idiot. So right now when there is top down cleaning being done in our rug plant we pull up one of the vans and just string the hoses in from outside. This works fine but I am in Minnesota so in the winter this can be a pain. I have a extra water pump and a roots 47 blower. I was thinking of getting an electric motor and plumbing up this stuff to run in the plant. Advantages would be no dealing with the cold and a times Savings from set up and break down and no gasoline. How large of a electric motor would I need? I do have 3 phase and 220 in the shop so should be do able. Thoughts?
bro hear are some picks

what you are going to need to do is find out the torque requirement for a 47 blower
and match the torque on an electric motor......

i run a 33hp with a 58 torque on my 47 blower
a 37hp kholer has about 58-60 tprque

so I am estimating you will need an electric motor with 60 lb. ft. torque

torque is different on an electric motor...
they have higher torque at lower rpm......
if you will run your electric motor at 1750 you will get max torque
it can be done simple by putting a larger pulley on the electric motor

this is a chart showing torque and power requirements for electric motors
it has a calculater at the bottom
if you go down to 20hp and over to 1750 rpm and then down your ft lb. of torque you will see 60 lb torque

so my conclusion is that you can power that 47 blower with a 20hp electric motor
you might????? could run it on a 18hp but it would be underpowered

here is a site from Tuthill web site
looks like to me they have a 33 blower with a 13hp electric motor
so I am thinking my calculations are about right
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