Electramotive 3 stage vacuum motors


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Aug 6, 2011
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It's a privilege to be allowed entrance into a company's Lab facility considering security and the proprietary parts they would not want the competition to learn of !
"Lab" tests are completely different than what is offered to the general public. To a secure and isolated sound room to a tray of 3 dozen orifices for testing. Lab at GM actually had a "Floating floor" to cancel all vibration from the shop floor.
After research I would use an Wind vane (anemometer) over the Flow Meter due to the accuracy stats provided at the Omega website. +/- 3% vs +/- 5%. I could also resell the wind vane to HVAC individual when to longer needed. Flow Meter= Clear tube piston/spring inside and a decal that could be placed anywhere.
Dwyer digital lift gauge is "Sweet" but a simple $50 dial plug gauge will suffice.
Can you enlighten us on what EM suggested for the CCer who wants to monitor his performance or do an upgrade?


You're right...it was a privelege, one that I'm very fortunate and thankful for!

Anyway, the process that the Gentleman uses in this video is much what was reccommended to me by EM, The gauge in this video (Extech AN100 and/or AN200.) is also the reccomended gauge. I'd like to point out the fact that he added a 90-degree peice of metal to the impeller housing so that the meter lays perfectly flat across the orifice of the test funnel. As far as lift rating goes, a simple analog liquid filled gauge will do.

Truckmount CFM upgrade - YouTube

(Truckmount CFM upgrade)

Hope this helps.


p.s. the purpose for the funnel is so that you get accurate readings...these were designed for HVAC duct work CFM measurements, to be held in the middle of the duct work, because it is in the middle of the duct, air passes through and around the impellers housing, therefore the gauges are calbrated to give readings based on that fact and why it is important that we try and simulate those conditions with the use of a funnel, much like the one in this video. Not using one will result in a much higher, inaccurate reading.

If you already knew that, I apologize. Not trying to insult your intelligence, it's a "just-in-case" peice of information.
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some thing new in the works

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Pat Carroll 1

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Nov 10, 2010
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Pat, in most cases its best to test something out for yourself, that being said; we would like to send you (2) high performance 2-stage ELECTRO MTRS, compliments of Velocity Tech and ELECTRO MTRS, LLC, Piney Flats, T.N.

If your interested, please p.m. with shipping information.


Velocity Tech.

That's pretty cool, I really appreciate it thanks! I'll post my review and pictures as soon as I put them in my Ninja.

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Feb 13, 2010
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