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Nov 22, 2011
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Martin Sanchez
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United States
Is this the one installed on El Diablo?
I think I saw a smaller one installed in the back. But honestly the more I reqad the more I get inclined to just order my LG and done with it.

I read that the mechanism is just the same as any of the old style home water heaters? Do you know if it's true?
I was thinking to order one and have my plumber friend replace the thermostat component and install one with electronic igniter.

Thank you guys for all your input


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Sep 7, 2020
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Lucas Deras
I have one with a 1200 hours on it. I do like it. Per the other comments, you have to be a little careful as the Diesel Burner Produces a lot of heat. I take the the Flow Sensor Bullet valve about once every 2-3 months to check for burs or and lube a little with marine grease to make sure is going properly. You might also want to get a couple thermal sensing units to keep on hand (35 bucks) as they will blow out if the water gets over heated. While Cleaning its a good idea to have a little water always draining threw one of the solutions lines just in case something sticks. All in all I like mine as I can do big jobs with two machines with high heat. No matter what truck mount you get, you need to maintain it well and fix things when they break.
hello do you have pictures or flow sensor valve? And part number for the thermal sensing unit? Where do you purchase