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During this Time, what did you find unavailable and how did you handle it?


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May 14, 2020
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We were unable to get the n95 masks so we made our own for our dusty jobs. When the Chinese n95's

came into the market we refused to buy them. I don't see rewarding them. We also still can't get Benefect. Were getting by with Botaniclean though. Not quite as nice smelling though.
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Mama Fen

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Jul 18, 2012
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We have been able to get Benefect Decon 30 in with no problem, and it is functionally identical to Bioesque (just two different manufacturers of thymol products). I believe the manufacturer has put production of regular Benefect on the back burner in favor or pumping out Decon 30, which is popular right now because it is labeled for both hard and soft surfaces. Both are on List N.

You are correct that the disposable masks are far too coarse to filter out individual virus particles. However, they are VERY useful in preventing an asymptomatic person from spreading fomites (from the Latin fomes, meaning 'tinder' or 'fire-starter') which will then allow the virus to infect another host. These are dispersed by sneezing, coughing, shedding of skin cells when the face is touched, and even normal respiration or speaking.

You do not wear a mask to protect yourself, in other words - you wear it to protect those around you just in case you are carrying the virus.
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