Duct cleaning business on a budget


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Nov 7, 2018
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Im starting my own business on a budget.. thinking of making a whip setup rather them buying one from an overpriced company... i have a 200 psi compressor and want to get a small negative air vacuum for under a grand... i was thinking a 3/8 hise for the whip system.. no i dont have money for a truck mounted system.. hopefully i can upgrade in the future.. any advice I would appreciate..

United Custodians LLC

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Oct 1, 2018
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Lesia Caldwell
Form a LLC you can file it your self on your states website my state it was $100 it’s $50.00 every year I strongly urge any business to do so I’m a single member LLC I know my personal bank account is safe even though I have general liability and workers comp that might not be enough plus it has tax benefits

Frank House

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Feb 1, 2016
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Frank H
Make sure to have a system in place to close off vents in the home that you are not working on. Many places sell a magnet that covers the vents. This is to be used on all vents but the one your cleaning and then cover that vent and remove the next and so on. This is beneficial all the way around and will be a better way to clean the system. Also black plugs to pop in the areas in the trucks that you cut holes into for the wip to be used. Last many people do not realize the importance to replace the systems filter in there home.