Dual Zipper Wand cleaning at Northern MN Restaurant

Mark Saiger

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May 27, 2007
Grand Rapids, MN
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Mark Saiger
Zipper wands, 2 Butler High Heat Truckmounts, Nice little greasy moment of cleaning in Northern MN Restaurant.

Actually 2 different lakes on each side of the road and the Restaurant bar.
The Zippies cleaned well yesterday

Spent more time filming than cleaning.

Cool part, the carpets were pretty close to dry an hour later when we were leaving! No airmovers.

Here are some pics first before the cleaning. Some pics presprayed.

Only agitated the hall from the kitchen with a CRB. All other areas prespray and go. Still testing to see how well the Zippers will do.

Still like the Zippers a lot, but want to say I believe a good wand is still very important as well. The Zipper has been a big time saver in the right circumstances though!

Mark Saiger

Video tour of the place and area

Front video...I am controlling the GoPro cam from my phone, so that is why I am looking at it or pulling it out of my pocket.

A walk around the Zipper video

Up tight and close

In front of the Kitchen entrance now.
Prespray just wanted to run off the grease.

Video up high cleaning in Front of the Kitchen

Final Few feet of cleaning

Doing a moisture test with cheap toilet paper.
Still damp, but not bad and was close to dry when we left an hour later.

Laying down the Prespray recorded from up high with our GoPro Camera

Last Video, and Both Zipper Wands going at the same time.