Dual Method Cleaners

Ed Cruz

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Aug 1, 2013
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Ed Cruz
Just wondering how many dual method cleaners HWE & VLM are out there
1. Why
2. Which do you prefer
3. Which do you do the most of
4. What benefits do you think one has over the other
I do, I although 70% of the VLM I do is furniture that’s pretty clean to begin with. My clientele is mostly 50 and up and they tend to have a negative view of diaper swirling so I just give them what they want and whip out the wand. My go to for cpt and upholstery are encaps. I prespray with Bonnetpro Radical rinse, Rocket or Omega with Citrus. I’ve got alot of other stuff but those are what I use the most.
Some times on the same job some carpeted areas will get HWE and other more clean areas a brush down with encap and buff.