Drone inspections info please


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May 12, 2014
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Greg Fennel
hello ok I'm getting into a new area I'm starting to get more jobs I use xactimate and do billing for many company's in my area and some do roof repair and are now asking me to start biding or billing for them I am NOT a height fan so getting on roofs is not my forte lol but I do know of companies are using drones for inspections and or measurements. the company's Ive talked to does drone only or apps only caint do hail or so on but like kespry THEY SAY they do measurements and can detect hail damage and grain loss and so on automatically! but I will not use them for few reasons they were very rude and truthfully have NEVER gotten back to me on any info but I do know they also want $30,000.00 to $40,000,00 to lease it and the program. ( NO WAY LOL ) my questions are
#1does anyone use drones for inspections? if so what price do yall get on average for them?
#2 do they detect hail damage and other damage automatically ? or how ?
#3 does it diagram for xactimate ? program?
so looking in to these and is it 1 place buy all or buy drone buy this program buy this program for this reason ( I know some need many apps running same time. but what ones! )
any info would be helpful what yall think or know thanks Greg