Dog Daycare

Jun 13, 2020
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Puppy Play Ground
Top 10 Reasons You May Need Dog Daycare

1. When you head out the door to work every morning, your pooch wraps his front paws around your legs and gives you the biggest saddest eyes possible. You thereby experience heart wrenching guilt and end up late to work for the 13th time. That being unlucky, you get fired and therefore, problem solved. Better start your own dog daycare to pay the bills!

2. You may need dog daycare if every morning, your dog breaks into the cupboard and steals the coffee. They then proceed to hide it somewhere in the house as they know you can't go anywhere without your caffeine.

3. During lunch, you get this mysterious phone call. At first you think it's an obscene phone call but then realize through caller id that it's coming from your house and it's your dog panting.

4. Fido finally manages to figure out the alarm system and triggers it every day just so they can enjoy the company of the fireman and policeman. So if the local authorities spend more time with your dog than you do, it's time for dog daycare.

5. If it's costing you more money than you make by having to replace rugs, doors, shoes, underwear, couches, chairs, toilet paper, plants, plastic fruit decor, pillows and other 'stuff', it's time for dog daycare. These are all the things that get destroyed by your dog's obvious boredom while you're gone. Not convinced yet? Well here are the remaining 5 reasons you should probably invest in some reliable dog daycare.

6. You leave the TV on the Animal Planet during the day to entertain your dog. However, he gets into a fight with the lion and ends up crashing over your new $3000 flat screen. That would have been a couple of months of dog daycare right there!

7. Your neighbors call every day because they think you're hiding a pack of wild dogs in your house. Amazing how you one little canine can create such a racket to disturb the neighborhood.

8. You create Shangri La in your backyard with the condo of all dog houses. Yet, upon arrival at home every evening you just can't stomach cleaning up the carcasses of 6 squirrels, 4 birds, 3 mice and most of all 8 boards of siding and numerous dog roof shingles.

9. No matter how hard you attempt to dog proof the house, there is always that one item that manages to get ingested or stuck on the head of your pooch. Again, it's costing you more money than you make to go to the vet every night. So for the health and safety of your "best friend", you may want to invest into some dog daycare.

10. Although you appreciate the gesture in a weird sort of way, your co-workers are beginning to talk about your foul stench emanating from your shoes. This of course being caused by Fido pooping in them every night to show his "displeasure" at your absence during the day.

Fortunately for my Tessie, I'm home with her all day. Sometimes I really don't think she appreciates me all that much though. Just the other day, I'm working on the computer and I can here her "squeaking" excitedly at the window. I get up and look out and it's my good neighbor Dom out with his dog Cocoa. I've never seen Tessie's tail wag any harder or faster than when she sees them. So now everyday, my good friend Dom takes both of them out and down to the park for a couple of hours.

The minutes she gets home, she sits pathetically at the window waiting for them to come back and get her again. I mean really, I think I can sympathize with parents that have teenagers.
So I guess even though I'm a stay at home dad, even Tessie and I are grateful for some dog daycare ourselves.