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Robert Allen

Does money make you happy? Having a lot of money not only makes you happier, you live longer, smoke less, work less and make more, do less drugs, have sex later in life and commit less crime. I know we are taught "money doesn't buy happiness" but Sept 2014 Time magazines "Who we are" poll indicates it does as long as the wealth is accumulated honestly and used correctly. For example, if you have money you have better chances of being healthy. You can afford the best doctors and the best treatments, you can afford to buy the best food which is fresh and organic. You have plenty of free time to exercise. A lot of marriages break up because...of money problems and the stress of trying to make ends meet. If you have a good sum of money and assets with all of your bills paid, you can relax with your family in beautiful settings. You don't have to stress about cleaning you house. Hard to juggle 3 kids? Just hire someone to help you. Money can ease poverty. Poverty causes a LOT of sadness. Poverty makes for unhappiness and a short life. Wealth creates options. Do not to focus on what you own, but on your equity. You have a duty to create value (i.e. wealth) for yourself and your family. Few people understand this. Once you understand this you will realize that money is not evil, just the over loving of money. Money is only a measurement like a yardstick- is a yardstick evil? By focusing on creating wealth or equity (assets - liabilities) you will have a happy life and you will attract beautiful people into your life. So take some time and put on an Excel spreadsheet what you own and what you owe. This is an exercise that we should all do regularly and become a metric that you should compare to future measurements. Now you need to develop a plan to create wealth that fits you and your goals. So can money buy happiness? Well if the absence of funds can create misery, then yes, money can buy happiness - for the person who is ready to CHOOSE happiness and be content with 'enough'. To the naysayers that say "money can't buy you happiness I say poverty can't buy you anything at all! Having money has a correlation to education. I honestly feel that TMF is like a continued carpet cleaners college education. I learn something new everyday. Here is to your wealth and "happiness"! >>>> Click link to read the rest as it got a lot traction and is a fascinating short read/discussion on the TMF Forum.) Whats your view? https://www.truckmountforums.com/threads/does-money-make-you-happy.66228/

Michael Camacho

Chinese have a saying: No money, no life... I do a lot so I probably need more expendable income than most. That said, I spent this weekend in Santa Cruz, surfing and just relaxing... I thought about this subject a lot this last couple days... I could definitely see the appeal of working less...making less...having less...and doing things that enriched my life more like surfing and just enjoying all the simple , amazing things that life offers... Most things in life I've found that are the coolest, don't cost a dime...

Jason Miller

Have you ever noticed the only people saying money doesn't buy happiness..... are poor

Rob Donna Webb

Good read, being told "money doesn't buy happiness" refers to the fact that if you aren't happy with yourself as a person, money won't change that. Happiness comes from inside, being content with your life and who you are. Money may make life easier but doesn't change who you are as a person. If your a worthless depressing negative person, money just makes you a worthless depressing negative person with money haha.

Victor C. Cantu

It also depends on where you are...100k a year goes a lot father in our heartland than on the coasts.

Tyler Bischoff

Money doesn't buy happiness! But it surely does make me happy to spend it!

Shane Deubell

True but mainly people are happiest when the basics are all covered. After around $80k year start to see a big drop off in increased happiness. So $40k to $80 is a big deal but going from $80k to $160k year really has no increased happiness.

Christopher Brown

money does bring happiness. period. when your bills are paid in advance, you dont have to stress about where, or how your going to pay things it is a stress reliever. most peoples everyday stress is not having enough. living paycheck to paycheck. ive been broke, ive been homeless, i rather have money.

Michael Camacho

Nothing like a day at Cowell beach in Santa Cruz to reset yer priorities

Rob Donna Webb

The problem with depending on money for happiness is that money can go away, if you lose your money where are you then? When the market crashed years ago the ones who based their happiness on money are the ones who took their lives. My parents went from half a million down to 100k in their retirement. If their happi was was based on that they would have been miserable. But you would have never known the difference in their attitudes because money wasn't the source of their happiness. Yes my stress level is lower because my business is doing better financially, but my happiness is higher because of changes I made in my life, bad habits are gone, bad attitude is gone. Money had nothing to do with that.

James W Coll

I live below my means and save money. I own all my equipment, lease my house which is also my business storage. I have very little debt. To me its more important to have money to fall back on then drive some fancy SUV. Its all how you live. There are millionaires who are miserable with debt.

Matthew Boysel

When I make more money, I am happier . I've been broke and it's depressing.

Jack John Byrnes

Money doesn't buy happiness, but if you don't have any, it sure makes you sad.

Ethan David Ellingson

Money can't buy you happiness - but neither can poverty. "Money can't buy you happiness?" Unless the individual stating this has been wealthy (true wealth, not just cash flow), and is now poor, how would they know if it's true?

Ian Wicks

Money imo doesn't make you happy only a poor person would think that way, I used to think it did, money enhances what you already have. I've turned over a lot of money it caused me to have a mental breakdown where it shouldn't of had I was sat at home working from home office online making more than many do in a month in a single day marketing, what it did was enhanced any issue I had, my other business slipped, my health got bad I couldn't be assed as it was too easy , I could eat what I wanted when I wanted, I could pretty much do as I wanted where in reality I got a phobia of going out, I got a phobia of the postman posting payment in my door, I had unwanted thoughts of killing myself where people using me because I was doing really well, my mind raced till I broke the money didn't help me. I stopped everything I was doing 2 years down the line only now I'm I starting to see clear again, Money gives you options

Rob Donna Webb

This is the same thing that happens in marriages, that's why we have a 50% divorce rate in our country. People get married expecting their spouse to make them happy. That of course never works out and they divorce looking for the next person who will make them happy. Happiness comes from contentment and we are only content when we aren't looking from material things to make us happy.

Damion Nixon Jones

I'm not saying I'm rich, but money definitely comes by easier. I was raised poor, ive lived on $600 a month with $400 car payments....was I happy? No. I made enough to live on and get by at my last employer. Was I happy? No. Why wasn't I happy? Because I had dreams and ambitions in life. I didn't want to spend it working for someone else. This JOB's weren't challenging. One was but only briefly. Am I happy now I get to pursue my dreams? You better believe it buddy!