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Do you wear a mask at every job?

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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The group was put together from years of gleaning dudes content.

First and foremost....Prospective members had to have a history of being light-hearted.
Dudes who were almost impossible to take offense to what was said or shared.

Secondly,....we wanted dudes who were experienced enough to share insight on whatever might be their specialty.
Didn't matter if they were window cleaners or huge restoration specialists..... Just guys who were smart and willing to share their experiences CANDIDLY.....

The other key factor was that we didn't want guys too close to each other geographically as that would limit how candid they were with quality intel.

we also added a few newbies who could benefit from what was shared there. Unfortunately , every upstart dude we added flamed out besides one.....and that dude continues to prosper from what he's gathered.

including myself , there's only 31 members but it was at almost 60 a couple years ago.

60 was way too ambitious and now the members are locked in.

It's been an accumulative voting process getting a new invite there for a couple years now cuz of some poor choices.

Nobody else is getting in but I would STRONGLY recommend other cleaners who want an extra edge , form a similar group of guys.

The format of the group is what's key.
it's important to pick a few quality guys whohave their sh#t together and are willing to help each other get ahead with what really works.......

Cleaning strategy
Advertising strategy
Even stock trading.

Whatever you want to feature to gain intel..... The sky is the limit.

Facebook "secret groups" not "private".....

Secret is different as it's impossible for anyone who's not a member to see content or even know who's there or IF it's there.

Take this advice or don't..... The only dog I've ever had in this fight was the truth.

I've always enjoyed making people laugh ......and helping them......but never cared if it offended others in the process.

The truth can be the sharpest kind of blade to wield but it never harms those that respect the weapon.
We love you Mike even if you are a muscle head lol. Thanks for all your contributions here, good and bad. That goes for everyone. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s some business humor for you...

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Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
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Mike is classic sociopath, you only need to read the posts on this page of this thread to reveal that. Don't need business advice from that guy... thanks, but no thanks.