Do you trust other cleaners? - The value of a strategic partnership.

Would you trust another cleaner with one of your customers?

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Dec 3, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
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Tony Guthrie
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United States
Ever feel like you are a lone wolf in your business?

For all you single truck owner operators out there, what do you do when you get a big job that you need help on? or if your equipment breaks down? Vacation anyone? Being an owner operator with no employees and only one truck can sometimes put you in a tough spot.

As I left my former place of employment and started my own company one of my biggest fears was "what would I ever do if I had my truck or machine go down". Having worked for a large multi-truck operation I always had the benefit of being able to call the office and have another truck sent out when I had equipment problems. That all went away when I started my own business.

It was soon after starting my business that I found TMF. I have seen it with other cleaners. I wished I had another cleaner that I could team up with when needed.

I have since made friends with a few other cleaners here in Vegas and I have a really good working relationship with a few of them. I met Jeff (blacktiedetailing) and Damon (cleaningservicepros) and over the last year or so have been able to build a good working relationship and friendship with each of them. We refer jobs to each other and help each other out quite often. I can say I would trust either of them with the keys to my house. It's a great comfort knowing that we each look out for each other and can count on each other.

How about you? Do you have any other local friends in the business or do you prefer to keep a distance? Would you trust another cleaner?
There are several independents in my area but only one do I refer or take referrals from. It is very hard to find other cleaners that hold to my VERY high standards. If I get sick or have equipment issues I simply call those on my schedule and explain. They are always understanding and will wait. If they can't wait then I refer this guy.