Do you put your prices on website?

Mama Fen

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Jul 18, 2012
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Good - Fast - Cheap

You only get to be two of these three.

Depending on your price structure, posting prices on your website may attract the bargain hunters, who will then dicker you down into what they feel comfortable paying (usually with the not-so-subtle "well, so-n-so will do it for $50 less, can you match that?" tactic).

Companies who advertise their quality or their response time but not their prices tend to attract higher-paying customers in this area.

If anything, a small "Prices starting at (amount) per area; please call for details" would suffice to give your customers a basic idea of what to expect, but still get them to call you to talk business.

Cee Bex

May 5, 2016
oshkosh, wi
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Dan Dringoli
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We do not put prices on any of our websites! We spend a ton of time and money on ranking our websites to get our phone to ring. We figure that if someone finds us on the web we do not want them to make a decision to schedule us based on a price they see online. We want to get them on the phone, discuss their needs, and match it it up with the best solution for them and our price. Prior to doing it this way we felt that too many people landed on our website and decided not to call because maybe we were $20 more than our competition. I would suggest not putting your prices online.

Travis Teague

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Oct 5, 2016
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Travis Teague
I have the build a quote builder button from house call pro. I believe everything should have a clearly marked price.
Some people are clueless on what carpet cleaning costs. Or other things. Customers just want to get an idea before making the call because they don't want to look like a jackass if the think a whole house cleaning should cost 50 bucks and it is 500. And you don't want to waste your time answering calls from a guy who wants a whole house cleaned for less than a rug doctor rental.