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Do Cleaning Agents Have a Shelf Life?


Sep 25, 2006
Grand Blanc, Meeeechigan!!
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I used to have a lil business in the 90s. I was over at my folks house the other day & found some products. These must all be over 10 years old. I'm wondering if they're any good or should I throw them out?

I threw out the Microban but then thought maybe it was still good.

So here's what I found.

Prochem: Oxyplus, Fiber Buff, Fluorosill odor nuetralizer.

Nu Clean: CSR+.

Also I found several private labled carpet dyes. These might be handy on older carpets. Not sure if todays would accept em or not.

Which, if any of these would ya keep?

Another Q is even if their shelf life is ok, would they be effective on carpets made in the last few years? If I'm not mistaken, the construction has changed somewhat.

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Most products don't have a time when they go bad like food spoiling. But as they age, they do lose some effectiveness. After a few years they will not be as strong as new products, but might be strong enough to do the job, DEPENDING ON THE JOB.

Reactive products like oxidizers and reducers will lose strength the fastest. They are affected by heat. Useful life may be as little as 2 or 3 months or as long as a year depending upon the temperature they are stored at and how tightly sealed.

Powder products tend to have long life if they don't get wet or damp. If you find powder clumped together, it likely collected some moisture and is not near as good as fresh product. But tightly sealed or in a dry place 5 years or longer is not unreasonable.

Some products are damaged by freezing. This is true of many fabric protectors. If they do freeze. Let them thaw completely. Then shake and see if they mix back together. If they separate or clump, throw them away.

Liquid products that separate or have lumps or residue that settles to the bottom of the jug will likely be OK if they can be shaken and mix together. If they don't blend together when shaken, throw them out.

Many liquids will grow bacteria or mold or other fungus if they have been open. They get spores just from exposure to the air for a short time. If there is an unexpected odor or signs of anything growing in the product, throw it away. If not opened and stored at reasonable temperatures, you can get 2 or 3 years from a liquid.

Products that contain solvents - which includes many presprays - will lose the solvents to evaporation even through the sides of a bottle after many years.

I would be suspicious of all prodiucts from the 90s.