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Do any of you guys use Angie's List ?


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Mar 31, 2015
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Steve Smith
Depends on how many categories and zip codes you want. Price also based on how many members are within each zip codes. We do about 12-15 zips and 4 categories. We pay about $240/month (a lot of members in certain zips). Our return is decent at about $1000-1500/month on average. Each market is different. We have seen a decline even though we rank 1-2. They haven't pushed their own advertising as much (at least here). However, once you have high ratings, your company begins to come up toward the top in general google/yahoo searches. So you have to work it a bit, link to your website, etc. it all helps. Basically, if you are in a bit higher end market and/or a "second home" type destination, its worth a shot. I hear other "small town", local only type markets aren't as good. Hope that helps.