DIVORCE SALE! Hotshot Trailer Mount System

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Apr 1, 2017
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A couple years ago I put $20k into buying a new system to start a side profession. Then my wife emptied our savings (reserve business capital) and filed for divorce. I had to focus on the day job (digital marketer). So now the divorce is final and I owe her half of the value of the trailer so I can put an end to this. Sorry, I tried to be one of you, but fate swung another direction.

Attached is the invoice from when I purchased this. It's a 2013 model that was used for a year then voluntarily repo'd. I bought it and used it for it's intended purpose 4 times. Now I start it up every couple months to get it warm and keep it happy. Works fine.

In addition to the $18,500 purchase price, I purchased about $1,500 in chemicals and supplies, hence the $20 layout not including the $995 I paid to learn to operate it. I just need $10K back from it to pay her off. I'm in Central Illinois between Champaign and Bloomington.

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Hotshot 3L-19P Multi- Surface Cleaning Unit
19hp Kohler EFI fuel efficient engine General,
Emperor Series 3000psi high pressure pump,
Sutorbuilt 3L Vacuum blower motor
Electric auto pump out,
65 gallon stainless steel recovery tank
320,000 btu, propane fired heater

Electric vacuum hose reel with 200’ Vacuum hose (electric upgrade)
Solution Reel, with 200’ Solution hose
Supply reel, with 100’ water supply hose
TFI Turbo TH-40 hard surface tool
TFI Mini-turbo tool w/mounting bracket
Carpet Wand Hand held pressure wand w/mounting clips
Squirell Cage blower (floor dryer)
Used 175prm floor machine.
Jani-Link. With 2 pad drivers.
3’ whip hose
2 wet floor signs
Commercial water key
2 orange cones
5 Gallon solution tank and aluminum holder​

6’x12’ dual axle trailer - used Custom Rail rack with hangers Side RV entry door with lock 9 gallon spun aluminum fuel tank Dual 30 lb proane tanks

Here's a list of supplies that comes with:
2x 16oz. F-721Flouropolymer Sealer Concentrate
2 gal. Prochem Restoration Tile & Grout Cleaner
1 gal. Newline Citrus Slam
1 gal. Newline PHire
1 gal. Newline Neutral Clean
1 gal. Newline Lo-Test
1/4 gal. Newline Clear Seal
3/4 gal. Newline G-Strip
1/2 gal. Newline Hi-Test
5 - 19" Natural Hair Light Floor Pad
5 - 17" Red Buffing Floor Pad
5 - Super High White Polish Flood Pad
5 - 13" Super High White Polish Floor Pad
5 - 13" Black Stripping Floor Pad
5 - 13" Red Buffing Floor Pad
4 - 17" Black Stripping Floor Pad
3 gal. Pro Sprayer
1.5 L Hand Sprayer
3 gal. Bucket
Miscellaneous fittings & tools

Please inquire on this thread and I'll contact you offline if you're serious.

how many hours are on the unit?