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Dec 3, 2018
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Henna Chan
Hi guys,

I have outsourced my cleaning service to a so-called professional agency, who have repeatedly performed a bad job. I am looking for a replacement. I do not want to make the same mistake again, I just randomly called an agency, that I found on the internet and ended up losing a lot of money. The quality of their service was far below the expected benchmark, and the worst part is, they couldn't care to vacuum the floor properly for the bathroom part, it is still a mess. I have decided that the next time I hire someone, I would do it through a referral, so guys do know any professional cleaning agency that has provided quality services, something you are satisfied with. I do not want anyone to self-promoting their agencies, thanks. My buddy has recommended a deep clean service provider in Toronto, that also deals with weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services, and I will personally check the quality of their service this weekend, meanwhile, it would be of great help if you could provide agency details that have work for you. "
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Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
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I am sure their are many service contractors that could be recommended. However, the locations they service and the type of work they perform will vary.

What services do you need? Janitorial type services for an office? Home? Specialty services?

Are you in Toronto or nearby? Our company has a branch office in Toronto area (Mississauga). We train and supply many companies. Check with Safety Express and they can suggest companies they know to be properly trained and equipped for the work you need.
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