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Direct Mail EDDM Direct mailing and door hangers printing and mailing myself


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Jul 10, 2015
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Lawrence Evans
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United States
Anyone doing direct mail campaign in house? After a week of printing and mailing companies calling me all day because I started looking in to my marketing options to boost business. I was over whelmed by the sales people and the contrast between. I ended up having doubts that some of them would acually mail out the cards after paying them. The pricing was up there enough that buying a $1000 printer using my college education for something other than a payment I make every month and a pile of book that takes up a lot of space because they out date them so fast. I have alot of them that didnt resell. Anyways, I got a printer that turns out better work that the commercial printers I was using at first. If anyone is taking on this more work than I figured it would be task. I need a good mailing and postcard printing management type software. I can find lots of them online, but have no clue which will do everything and meet post office guidlines. Also any leads on a adderess suppling vender. I can find all kinds of them but anyone who has been doing it and can save me any unneeded learning the hardway lessons i will be thankful for your tips.