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Rob Allen III

Did you know most Carpet Dye Classes cost $2,000+ just to attend and that does not factor in traveling+hotel+food+time OFF work? Well, tomorrow TMF is launching the very 1st ONLINE Carpet Dye Course to everyone for a fraction of that cost. Would you be interested in this Online Course? Plus you can have access to it for 1+ years and view it on Mobile, Desktop and more. Here is just s SAMPLE of what you will be learning:
Fiber ID
Close Up Fiber ID
Chemical Intro
Mixing Colors
Color Wheel
Grey Scale
Dye Masters Color Guide
Undertone Colors Explained
1st Carpet Example
1st Carpet Samples
2nd Carpet Example
3rd Carpet Example
Taupe Example
Beige Example
Trouble Shooting Purple
Gray Dye Colors
Carpet Example Grey
2nd Grey Carpet Example
Trouble Shooting No Bleach Neutralizer
Trouble Shooting Green Carpet With Dye Pen
Pink / Red Auto Example
Red Stain Removal with CR-2
Large Bleach Spot A
Large Bleach Spot B

Dave Sherman

According to your dad this is a dieing area of our industry as the carpet manufacturers are making carpets that cannot be dyed. So nope not for me. But honestly even if it wasn't a dieing area I still wouldn't have been interested.

Mark Johnson

I have customers who we do dye service for (mostly spot dyeing) I wouldn't say its a dieing area.

Many are actually shocked it can be done. Alot easier in some cases than a patch. And quicker once you understand the science behind it