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Diamond Products GTRX High Pressure Pump Upgrade Options?


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Feb 28, 2021
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Michael Lane
Hey guys I’m new to the forum and due to the extreme vague owners manual especially when it comes to specifications, I’m looking for some experienced advise on options for upgrading my high pressure pump since my 2 year old one with only 130 hours on it has failed beyond reasonable repair. Current pump is a Hydramaster LWS 3525 (Comet). I don’t clean carpet and only use the machine to clean tile and grout at times. Some jobs are coating removals and commercial hard surface cleaning so this being my second unit I decided to get the step up from the last unit I bought about 4 years ago in hopes of higher pressure, more consistent pressure and heat from the first unit I bought. I was immediately disappointed with the pressure and could feel and hear less pressure (tile spinner) when compared to slightly smaller unit and after going around with supplier I just let go it as I’m too busy for that. Recently the machine just started leaking oil and was not even being used recently and I had to use the machine on a big job for a week and kept trying to find the leak while adding oil to pressure pump. Leak was hard to pin point bc somehow oil would always return like everywhere. Long story short, the engine was leaking a small amount of oil from and compression clamp on a rubber line beside oil filter and the pressure pump was leaking oil from the compression clamp on the 90’ fitting where the drain hose hooked to fitting. I kept oil in pressure pump but it still failed. The connecting rods broke on 2 of the 3.

Now for the question. How big of a pump can I get for this machine. Only info in manual say operating pressure is 0-1000psi. No specs on heat exchangers. I would be ok with some modifications. I’m looking for more and consistent pressure. Running 2 wands with a good bit of hose for each on commercial applications would be an amazing feature for me. I have no interest in cleaning at or below 1000psi. 1200-1500 five or take some off the higher number would be ok. I just took pump apart today and of course need my machine up and running in 2 days time. So I’m hoping to get some good advise and options before either taking a gamble on a bigger pump working or not working or having to buy another direct replacement pump tomorrow!


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