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Ken Kimball

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Dec 21, 2020
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ken kimball
Hello all. I'm new to the floor cleaning industry, but am taking on a large project for one of our largest customers. It involves cleaning a concrete floor in a refrigerated cooler for a supermarket chain. The cooler floor itself is a lot cleaner than the front end where the product is displayed for the customer. Eggs and dairy falls and builds up over the months at this spot. I've cleaned this for two accounts with great success with a friend who owns a high end carpet/tile biz. We used a Ninja Warrior Hard surface cleaner and a good citrus cleaner to pre-treat. Even though we had stellar results with cold water, I'm looking to purchase higher PSI portable machine with heat but am finding that Daimer is pretty much the only company that makes one. It's more than double the price of some 1200 psi machines. I've gotten the vibe from some on this forum that the Daimer machines are not necessary, especially for the price. Can anyone weigh in?