David - TMF member - Selling low hour Truckmount equipment or turn key business.


Jan 7, 2019
Halsey, Oregon
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David Del Valle
Hello everyone,
My trailer with tools and heartbeat of my business the big Sapphire Scientific low hour TMT 870 is still available. It is in excellent shape, no leaks found after I put it through its paces on two lone wolf real time projects last week:
1. Light soiled polypropylene carpet with organic coffee stains 4 rooms and a living room.

2. Old concrete driveway, has been powered washed before, never had a deep clean in its life... I brought it to a place where you could eat off the floor. That is what I did in high end residential and commercial applications. The job I did, I added an anti-fungal top coat.

I live in Oregon, with all the rain mud, silt mold and moss issues on outdoor driveways, sidewalks and patios. There are many opportunities to sell the deep cleaning with an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-slip topcoats.

It helps home or business owner tremendously for a couple of years depending which top coat they choose. This year after the hard winter we’ve experienced.... there is a lot of work to be had deep cleaning and selling of top coats.

The benefits are tried and true in the maintenance. Anyone can power wash with a wand (minimum of 2,500 PSI in newer concrete)

Concrete surfaces that have been deep cleaned and treated properly with an anti-fungal coating can be kept clean without much effort.

Appreciate the three parties who participated in round 1... you know who you are, and I appreciate each one of you personally. You are welcome to contact me anytime if you want my opinion on the solutions I used, or my methods. I will not go into detail.... I am only selling:
My Truckmount, tools, and trailer... my preference is to sell my whole package as a unit.

My baseline price of $30k for the package (more than fair price according to some of you).

On my last update I dropped it to $28k picked up at my place. I reserve first right of refusal.... this equipment is paid in full and fully insured as a personal asset with a definitive and traceable inventory.... I have pictures of everything.

1. Low hour Sapphire Scientific TMT 870 in excellent shape, it’s ticking heart is a 4 cylinder Ford Motor, with moderate electronics.... God forbid, that Ford goes out of business in the next 10 years!..... If taken good care of it will give you that many years of service.

120 gal. Waste tank.. Well built, has three compartments, two floats and two inline filters (tank doesn’t stink) it has been well maintained.
Floats are in good working order. They work in tandem with the 5 gal per minute discharge
Apo. Apo is clean and in good working order.
Vacuum is working very well, heating element working well.

2. Tools for carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning, enough tools to keep 2 techs busy. Fans and other miscel.

3. 16’ tandem axle trailer with electric brakes, well built it has a spayed on floor and diamond plated walls, it has utility shelves, a plastic battery holder and a holding box for a large pump up sprayer. It also has a couple of wheel wells that need replacing. I put a lot of miles while I was active in my business.... it is not new.

My previous for sale post stated I was willing to accept $28k for the whole package picked up at my place in Oregon.

Here are the ground rules of engagement with any one who is absolutely serious.... you are expanding and been in this type of business. Or you are interested in starting a turnkey business that will start making you money. I can give you a little guidance with the little I know.

To remove my ads from any forums or selling sites I accept $5k cash down payments or veryfied cashier’s checks that I can deposit and clear my account.

If you can afford my well maintained and cared for equipment state it upfront....

If you need financing, it is ok, just state upfront how long you need to get it done!

I am going through engine, tools and trailer inch by inch. https://shop.truckmountforums.com’s in PDX was a couple of weeks out!

Contact me through this forum if you need my phone number. If you have my phone number, text me and state your level of interest. I can send you specific pictures or answer any questions.

I appreciate your interest!


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rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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Robert Allen,Jr.
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United States
If your equipment is as comprehensive as your post I’m sure it is meticulous. Good luck on the sale.


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May 7, 2011
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Kenneth Long
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"On my last update I dropped it to $28k picked up at my place. I reserve first right of refusal.... this equipment is paid in full and fully insured as a personal asset with a definitive and traceable inventory.... I have pictures of everything."

I don't think you mean what you said there. In legal terms, what you are attempting to reserve is if someone purchases your equipment and then they decide to sell it, they have to offer it to you first. You may refuse to purchase it or you may purchase it back from the person. That is known as first right of refusal. Now, just what in the world were you trying to say?:confused:
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Jan 7, 2019
Halsey, Oregon
Real Name
David Del Valle
Hello Ken,
Don’t mean to confuse you.

To clarify, this is what I meant:
In round 1 there were 3 very specific serious buyers. They all gave me offers lower than the $28k I had stated I wanted for my equipment.

I closed off entertaining any more than those three offers to be fair to each one who participated in round 1. So in the end I reserved the first right of refusal to sell below than the stated amount I was willing to sell on the ad.....there were too many variables that were not coming together to finalize the sale at the lower numbers......

I hope this clears any confusion.

Thank You!!