FB Damn thing broke =/

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Rick Hale

How long do they last before they break? I'm still on my first and I get the impression it's getting brittle and might break in the near future.

Sam Jaramillo

Buy a real one from Thomas L Conway...his will last you a lifetime..

Tom Ingram

Buy 5 of the plastic ones or 1 Devastator... Same price...

Joseph Hoagland

I've been using the same one about 5 years now. Guess I have been lucky.

Trevor Brill

Those are junk...and my opinion from owning most of the filters on the market is thst the mytee lint.hog is also junk as a filter. Check out a devastator or a rc99 even as they both crush the competition by way of filters.

Damion Nixon Jones

Make one out of galvanized steel. It last much longer... And weigh a ton..

Ross C. Martin

Good. Now get a real one. That thing was choking your TM anyway.

Kevin Wilson

I have had those last for 5 years or more. Never seen 1 break like that. The clips on the lids will break when my helpers abuse them, but what you have there is some serious abuse.

Kevin Bates

Devestator . I've had my Devastator for years now. No problems. Purchase one with the two ports on both ends.

Richard Carpenter

Devastator. Not too heavy, good airflow, has 2.5" or 4-to-door options, and holds way more than the old Hydro-Filters (which I used for years)

Bill Jowers

I have 2. One is 9 years old. It's yellow now ... from the UV Rays ... The other is clear. I've been using the clear one for a year without any issues. It was about $100, I believe.