Customer Service Experience With Equipment Suppliers Sprayer Depot, Steambrite, Rotovac


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Apr 18, 2018
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Jeffrey askew
I own and operate a single van carpet cleaning company in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. The majority of my customers are smaller houses a lot of rural areas I run an 80-mile radius. The first carpet I cleaned professionally was over 20 years ago. I do a lot of what I consider "meat and potato" jobs not as much of the high-end finesse cleaning, my commercial work is steady. I bought a replacement pump from sprayer depot because it was the right price and it was late Friday afternoon. When I had issues I called and service departments answer was "duh we don't work on those we mostly service ag pumps. Of course, it was 330 on Friday afternoon when I had problems. Took a guess and called Steambrite got the parts the guy had to take them to FedEx when he left work so they would ship that day. My other experience of note is with Rotovac I run a 360xl came with the company when I bought it for me it is a wonderful piece of equipment. The last owner of my company only wanted to carpets nothing else a problem which I'm fixing. I've called Rotovac numerous times trying to plan my equipment purchases. They have been friendly and knowledgeable even when I wasn't making a purchase at the time. We all have those horrible experiences especially when we are in a bind and in my opinion, we need to realize the person on the other end of the phone is human too. So say the good things be honest about the bad. Its easy to b#&*$h and rant but slow down and say something positive when its true. I know every situation is different and some have really bad experiences we all do.
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May 31, 2018
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I've had pretty good experiences with my interlink, except with the auto pump-out they installed on my hydramaster. I was melting relays until I finally busted out the wiring diagram and realized they used a 14 or 16 gauge wire when the book called for a 12 gauge I replaced it and it's been running great ever since.