Customer prefers the dirty floor over clean? What to do?


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Dec 20, 2021
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Robert Houlden
I recently cleaned and resurfaced this limestone floor. Attached are photos of the before and after (left to right). This was a relatively simple job. Applied neutral cleaner scrubbed with grout brush on my 175. 200-400 dip pad. I sealed the Limestone with a clear penetrating sealer and used Tenax Ager colour enhancing sealer on the inlay.

Problem is, customer prefers the dirty brown look and wants be to get it back to that look. I am stumped. He is not willing to pay even for the rest of the floor. It was a relatively small job a day and a half for $1800 so it's not like not getting paid will break me but I mean have any of you guys ever had an issue like this? Do you think the left photo looks better than the right? Should I just come back and pour motor oil on the inlay and say it's dirty again?

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Aug 24, 2008
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Don Heto
Looks great to me. I would charge him at least half to cover your expenses. Recently I was in a similar situation with a idiot that got really upset because now that floor is clean you can see the cracked tiles more visibly. He thought maybe I cracked them but luckily I was able to roll out his refrigerator and the crack continues under where I never even cleaned but it is camouflaged with dirt and grim. He actually told me he liked it better dirty because now he has to replace the broken tiles. Some people just suck at life!