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Sep 1, 2009
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Paul Ottensmann
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cleaned for a customer the other day and she said she had her son over for a few weeks. It was summer and he wore shorts. Seems her leather footrest has discolored due to sweat as there is no discoloration on the seat part.

Since I am not an expert on leather, I told her I would post it and if I got any suggestions from the experts here I would let her know.


John Rockwood

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Oct 18, 2012
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John Rockwood
From the picture it could be either Semi Aniline or Protected. Leather Masters makes an excellent cleaner or could be under the name Bridgepoint. The only thing is I would want to know if he had sun screen on. If the cleaner doesn't get it all then use Leather masters Ink remover for leather that should take care of it.
Hope this helps.


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May 15, 2016
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Is it coloured/painted leather???
If you scratch it will you scratch through the paint like a car?
If so should be easily fixed with dawn dish soap and a magic eraser and a white fluffy towel.
Unless he’s an UmpaLoompa looks like girls tanning lotion haha
Hardest part with those is the now cleaned part looking so clean the rest looks dirty....
Clean whole couch with warm bucket of water with dawn and magic eraser. Wash it like a car or a cow haha
Stuff towels down into cushion gaps to stop water soaking in where you don’t want it.
Get your MrMiyagi groove on
Wipe on soapy magic wraser
Wipe off towel
Then when done simply “slime” couch with the best 3in1 leather cleaner/conditioner/protector applied(soaked) to a clean fluffy white towel
I buy my white towels from local industrial laundry business that does hospitals etc I buy the white fluffy cloths with frayed ends &/or aren’t perfectly clean anymore, very cheap!!!