CRB PRO 35 / 45 + carpet powder = any good ?


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Jan 12, 2020
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max sch
Hello professionals :),

i need to do some commercial carpet cleaning for our property.
Now i received a few offers for different machines and hope you can help to decide.

At first i wanted to get a portable hot water extraction machine and a rotovac360.. just because i saw several impressive cleaning jobs on youtube.
The argument that you wont clean dirty dishes with a cold water or dry method seems to make sense.
this method:

Now im getting told that a CRB pro 35/45 or TM3/TM4 in combination with some kind of carpet powder is the way to go and hot water extraction is not necessary.

Exactly what is done here:
Two suppliers here in Germany told me that they do commercial cleaning for big properties and big hotel chains with the method shown in the above video.

Before spending approx. 3k on a CRB machine I kindly ask for your advice.
Does it really work ?

The other setup... An "Alltec" Carpet Cleaning machine with 3 vacs, heater, hoses and ofcourse the rotovac360 is priced and +- 10k.

What would you do ?

Many thanks in advance


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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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Dry clean with the Host powder and a CRB isn't going to deeply clean medium-heavy soil carpets.

5 years of experience with the dry cleaning method tells me so.
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