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Ida Blankenship

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Jul 29, 2017
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Ida Blankenship
I'm not a service person, I'm a customer. I found this forum and hope that it's not against the rules to post as a customer - but figured (or hoped) I could probably get some good advice from the experts.

I'm in the process of finding someone to clean my carpet.

I live in a VERY old, 900 square foot 1-story rental house (built in 1930s-40s) in a very humid, tropical environment (2 blks from southern California coast).

Carpet is a cheap burbur - installed new 5 yrs ago over wood floors that are likely original. No crawl space - floor structure is 1' above soil.

I traveled most of the first 2 yrs after moving in - was never home and have spent the last 3 yrs home-bound struggling with medical treatments. Have not physically or financially been able to do much carpet cleaning/maintenance these past couple of years. I live alone so the carpet gets little traffic - no significant soiling (except one area under kitchen table - looks like a few spots where my shoes have tracked in car oil from street?). I have vacuumed intermittently but a lot of dust piled up over the years - mixed in with salt and moisture from the ocean air.

My main desire is to get someone in here with a much more powerful vacuum than I have or any typical house-cleaning service would have. I realized the best approach might be to have the carpets dry-cleaned but I see lots of options and have no idea what to choose.

My main concern is cleaning the carpet and an 8'x12' rug without making a current mold issue worse with any type of wet cleaning. Again, this is a very humid environment.

A secondary concern is using dry clean chemicals that are toxic, given my health issues.

I don't have central air conditioning or heating - except in 2-3 colder winter months I take advantage of a (usual) breeze by keeping doors/windows open - except the bedroom. I need to close my bedroom off at night to maintain darkness (lots of light pollution around here). I've managed w/out a portable air conditioner until this summer - too hot/humid so I have an 8000btu floor unit hooked up through a window. So, during the hotter humid months I'll have an air conditioner running which can also dehydrate the air a little bit. But still concerned about doing anything to the carpet to contribute to mold.

Any suggestions from the experts??

Thank you very much -