FB CONTEST Well the weekend is here and time for...


Robert Allen

CONTEST Well the weekend is here and time for the weekly contests. This is going to be good because you will have 3 chances to win. Here is the 1st one; 1st Contest -Post in this thread a PMOT to win a free container of Groutmaster. (Free 49.00 container and free shipping) What is a PMOT? A positive moment of truth. Every day we have the opportunity to deliver over a 1000 PMOT's or a NMOT's (negative moment of truth). Just post a reply in this thread of any kind, courteous thing you do or could do at a home to deliver PMOT's. I'll start; -Whenever we unhook a garden hose we are careful to hook it back up. It is the courteous thing to do and a PMOT when they go to use their hose. Your turn. :) *#2 & 3 will be in separate threads. My wife will draw from all replies a winner. Winner will be tagged in this thread Sunday evening. You have 24 hours to get [email protected] your email and shipping info. Good luck.

Anthony Castro

Whenever I get to a customer's home they're welcome rug or mat at the door I roll it put it to the side when I'm finish cleaning I'll clean it and put it back down for them the reason for moving it is so I don't damage it at any point of the clean

Ken Kaplan

PMOT for me is always trying to remember to respect their house from everything from shoe covers to not scraping paint off door molding trim, not getting overspray on appliances when doing tile and not to act annoyed if you have to move your van in the middle of the job instead of them preparing first.

Peewee Richardson

Whether we caused it or not, we go back and use a broom to clear any rocks and debris on sidewalk where the van was parked. Not all customers see it but when they do, they appreciate our attention to detail even more.
I like to show clients the nasty water from their carpet that my cfx dumped in the toilet. They're always mortified that their carpets were that dirty, yet are always very happy to know their floors are now extremely clean.

William Arieno

A few standard things we do, after introducing ourselves we ask for permission to park in the driveway, always grab the newspaper and hand it to the client and we always carry dog treats. If you want to wow your client get their dog to fall for you.

Sam Jaramillo

my PMOT is, when I service an elderly client I have special business cards with my personal cell phone on them, I advise them if they need any help besides medical things and can't reach their normal goto people, to please don't hesitate to call me directly anytime of day and I will help in any way I can... in the past 5 years of doing that I've had about 15 calls, nothing serious, it's often something they need moved, or something taken the curb for the trash guy...the only other ones that get those cards are clients that I take rugs from their home to my shop to clean..