FB Contest time. We will have 2 for next month or...


Robert Allen

Contest time. We will have 2 for next month or so. One super easy one and one cool one! 1) Just enter a number 1-100 or more depending on entry's. We will pick a number out of a jar. (Put your number in this thread and look above you to not duplicate the number before you) 2) The best pic of the week goes to top group page for weekends. So take pics and tag me when you think you have a good one! Winner gets free container of Groutmaster and can substitute for another chem just let us know. Start a new thread with a pic of anything cleaning or somewhat cleaning related. Tag me in pic. When you see the pic on the weekend you have 24 hours to email me at [email protected]. Good luck. Here is a sample of a pic winner. Keith Allen was cleaning and this sales girl took this pic and posted it on her Facebook saying she loved Keith and his work. He got a ton work off this unsolicited pic!

Aaron Rullamas III