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We use a powered citrus solvent called Chemfree which is versatile enough to be used on carpet, tile, upholstery and even on wool! Of course with wool a pH neutralizer is required. This tile actually appeared pretty clean when we arrived but we made a huge difference with Chemfree.

Robert Allen

Jeff Rye Four ways cleaners use Groutmaster; 1) Tile & Grout cleaner 2-3 scoops to gallon hot water 2) Prespray booster-1-2 scoops added to you favorite prespray in an inline sprayer. 3) Stand alone carpet prespray. 3 scoops to a standard 8:1 inline sprayer. 4 ) Filtration line remover-1 scoop, 2oz, to 32oz hot water spray, brush and rinse. *Remember 10 mins dwell time and rarely needs prescrubbing. Scoop equals 2oz's. And like any prespray, do not allow to dry before rinsing. Enjoy!

Dyarl Alexander

I got one of your free samples a month or so back. I used it to boost my prespray when I was cleaning restaurant carpets. I added it to Chemiesters Grease Eraser. Works great! I just placed my order last night for two gallon jars of the good stuff. My employee is eagerly awaiting its arrival.